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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 18, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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we're less than three weeks away from the election and a new gallup poll of likely voters have governor mitt romney with a seven-point lead over president obama. the score? romney 52, obama 45. bob, it seems like the campaign is spinning a bit out of control. what did they do now? >> bob: go home. >> andrea: can we go home? >> dana: do you think it's real? >> bob: do i think it's real? >> andrea: you have to admit, bob. there is panic. i talked to a senior democrat in the green room a couple hours ago. i said shoot straight with me. how much panic is there? he said a lot. >> bob: if i were looking at the numbers and managing the campaign, i would be upset, i'm not sure panic. if the numbers are correct, it's over. it is over. so, i mean you are not going
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to bring romney back under 50%. from 52%. not a challenge candidate. if that is correct. i don't necessarily buy it's correct. >> andrea: you don't buy the poll. >> bob: no, no, no. i have a great admiration for gallup. it's toads margin of error, plus or minus 4%. it may be 48%. i don't know the answer to that. >> andrea: chris stirewalt was on the air a couple hours ago and said this could be the break-away moment we've been waiting for. we haven't seen a candidate get this far ahead. it could be it. >> eric: put the poll up. number one, you like the likely voters best. 2700 people were polled. also, the dates, october 11 through the 17. so this is all post vice presidential debate. which means all the bump that joe biden allegedly had is in that number.
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>> bob: i don't think anybody suggested biden get a bump. if people did -- >> andrea: i want to get dan nash heredana in here. we had a big disagreement yesterday because i said no president under 50% has gone on to actually win. this is troubling. bob said it wasn't true. it is true. >> dana: i can't be the referee on that. >> andrea: you can't be candy crowley. >> dana: i will admit what i don't know. i think -- when i saw the numbers from today, i saw is this real? i'm a nervous nelly. i don't like to believe anything. something will happen, another shoe will drop. obama campaign must have something they'll roll out in the next couple days, a secret video or something like that. in the gallup poll, ohio, everyone believes that mitt romney has to win ohio to win, unless he wins the other things go his way. ohio still is very close, too close for comfort.
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>> bob: you should be nervous about this. there will be things rolled out. i guarantee you that. >> dana: do tell. >> bob: i don't know what. i know what i would do. i know what i would do. what i would do is not what they would do. >> eric: make stuff >> andrea: get greg in here. the race will tighten and he could come back. >> greg: something could happen on monday. you never know. obama did miserably two weeks ago. there are two points i see coming from the numbers. obama support is softer than chris matthews' head. this is what happens when you are in a plastic bubble created by the media, you vulnerable. you haven't built up immunity. that is what happens in media. it shows there wasn't much balance for biden debate for any debate for obama. i have a video that illustrates the kind of bounce
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the democrats got. >> dana: oh, my gosh. did we know it would happen? >> greg: i don't know. that is bounce obama got so far. >> bob: one thing to say for the audience, say this poll was all done predebate. the second debate. >> eric: the presidential. >> bob: yeah. >> eric: rolling average. >> bob: that is why i'd like to see the average. >> eric: are you saying there is an obama bump to expect? >> bob: i don't know. way to look at it. >> greg: obama bump means something else many years ago. >> eric: down tick in the poll -- >> andrea: it could be result of libya. new ad out by american crossroads illustrates the contradiction of the administration have done so far with regard to the libya story.
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♪ ♪ >> in response to a video, a film, this is a response to a video -- >> internet video that we hood nothing to do with. >> this is a response to hateful and offensive video. >> actual protests that arose because the outrage over the video. >> totally correct. they spent two weeks telling thus was about a tape. this riot outside benghazi consulate, which there wasn't. >> andrea: they told us so many different stories. that is the best way to lay it out. liz cheney was on "hannity" last night with her thoughts on what happened so far. >> the american people don't appreciate a commander-in-chief who lies to them. we're now to the point we have to be -- and i think the voters won't think highly of a
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man who can't be re-elected and can't be counted on to tell him the truth. >> andrea: do you think the credibility on libya and lack of. people starting to doubt president obama's character? >> eric: character. that is the most important point about this. september 12, he may or play not have said benghazi was terror attack. after that, he went for two weeks saying it was the movie. where is the character there? there is a gentleman, katalla that looks like he headed up the attack on the benghazi consulate, who now authorities, intel believes he is the mastermind behind it. where is he? he is at large now. the question i have leading up to the big monday night foreign policy debate. is president obama going to use one of the drones reported on a couple of days ago, there was a possibility of using the drones. send navy seals in there and
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take the guy out or get him before that debate. >> andrea: lindsey graham came out and said the reason they have done this, they have been strong on foreign policy. they needed to cover up the fact that they dropped the ball. that's why they need this contradicting narrative about a video. he also said listen, he should have secured that embassy long ago. is the president going to have to come clean about that monday night, you think? >> dana: yeah, because they can't keep the story straight. we have a situation american citizen was arrested for first amendment right. he took blame for several days, two weeks, from the highest level of the government that he was responsible for the death of four americans. someone needs to take responsibility for getting that so wrong.
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whoever is working with him, catch him whatever way they need to do it. >> andrea: isn't that another contradiction. the president came out and bragged at the debate saying i said we'd get those guys. f.b.i. is heading in there. now we have intel of who it is and they can't capture him. >> greg: they change their stories more time than crazy architect. it was bad. remember the days of "all the president's men"? journalists were heroic if they investigated stories. media only likes investigative journalism when it investigates republicans. when it's a democrat it's a completely different story. >> andrea: you had thoughts on liz cheney. you were unhappy earlier because of her harsh words. do you think the public is getting the sense maybe the president isn't telling the truth? >> eric: i can't tell you that, without looking at data. i don't know if it's a poll yet. i think to say the commander-in-chief is a liar
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is outrageous. this is the daughter of somebody who got us in a war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. >> eric: did he lie, bob? >> bob: i don't think he lied. >> eric: september 12, terror according to him. >> bob: can i get back to what i was going to say? >> eric: cansky for two weeks he said it was the movie. which is it? one or the other? it can't be both? lied once? >> bob: i was the first one at the table to call at it terrorist attack. >> eric: you walked it back. >> bob: i did not walk it back. still think it's terrorist attack and part of the motivation was the film. >> andrea: here is where the lie, people are starting to think there may have been a lie, because of what he told the questioner after the debate where he went up to him and basically said well, the reason i waited to call at it terrorist attack -- which is not what he said to the american people minutes before -- i wante wanted wante t intelligence. he didn't have the best intelligence.
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>> eric: he bails himself out from all of this if he nails this guy. >> dana: it's late. i want the guy caught and justice done. if they think doing this will help them in the slide they have in the poll, they're wrong. it could backfire. >> bob: you are all insisting on the fact when president said this, the facts are still not in. you couldn't take this guy to a jury and get him convicted now. >> greg: do you know how to get the media interested in the story, suggest bush was in libya at the time. >> andrea: really. to your points the facts aren't all in, then why do they give us different stories as if they have the facts? >> bob: a lot of stories they gave, it was a terrible, terrible public relations disaster, i agree with that. people did not have the facts when they were talking. that is always dangerous in a foreign policy situation. >> andrea: he should have called a press conference and given it. coming up, after cnn's candy
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crowley debacle "the five" has advice for bob schieffer moderating the final presidential debate on monday. coach. boll willing be there. mr. schaefer, we hope you're watching. up next. no, no, no, stop! humans -- one day, we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... stop, stop, stop! my car! not so much.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: >> welcome back, everybody. candy crowley earned herself a big fat "f" for the less than moderate moderating job tuesday night. >> get the transcripts. >> he did, in fact, sir. so let me call it -- >> can you say that louder, candy? >> he did call it an act of terror. >> eric: i predicted this tuesday before the debate, based on miss crowley history, tea party and racism. my man rush, however, summed it up well. >> candy crowley had to go back and eat crow oncnn -- on cnn. in a real world she would have committed career suicide last night. in the real world, when she
2:16 pm
committed an october of journalistic terror or malpractice. if there were journalistic standards, what she did would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber. but there aren't any journalistic standards anymore. instead she is going to be praised and celebrated, probably get a raise, give her another half hour on the show she hosts. >> eric: so we fivers want to take a few minutes and offer monday debate moderator bob schieffer our sage advice. take it around the table. >> andrea: get out of the way. let them talk. don't interfere, let the players play. if there is a moment where the two candidates are hitting on something, let them keep tal talking. don't change the subject. that is one of the things that candy crowley did at the critical moment in the benghazi question. it seemed so deliberate when mitt romney trying to make another point she moved on. president obama trying to urge her to move on.
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i say to schieffer, be quiet. follow jim lehrer and let them talk. talk >> bob: schieffer is one of the best and sage people around hecht has been around for a long, long time. he has done this before. i think he will stay out of the way. he took notice of what happened to candy. but here is an issue. he is going to ask the questions. he is making them up. outside of libya, obama has every advantage in this. i don't think romney has a clue about foreign policy. >> dana: i disagree. some of the times i've been most impressed with mitt romney going through the primary competition with the other republicans, i thought on foreign policy. he has studied it. prepare for it in 2008 as well. he has kept getting briefed through that time. interestingly, i think that that libya moment, ended up working in romney's favor. because on the intensity side of thing, you look at the
2:18 pm
debate turn-out. people with catch that who are mad that that happened on the republican side. they are fired up. and defending him. i think that going forward, the advice i would give not for the debate commission, to consider not giving media personalities the debate moderator position. go to somebody like larry sabato on the political science side who is not going to look for -- >> greg: just say your name, dana. >> dana: i would be a media person now. >> eric: what advice do you have? >> greg: schieffer has to appeal to the young voter. a wallet chain or a temporary tattoo. i want to touch on the previous debate. the thing that bugs me what i said before. they were not undecided voters. that was a scam. there are people afterwards saying they voted for obama and planning to vote for obama. the only undecided voter there is obama. he is not sure if he is voting for himself. i love the fact that cnn is so defensive.
2:19 pm
they are miffed by the criticism because they don't see their own bias, because they're soaking in it. so the feelings are hurt. >> bob: we led the show about the gallup organization and their role. i want to point out it was gallup that chose the people in the audience. >> eric: gallup but also point out the way the moderators have chosen. a bunch of people put to commission, republican and democratic representing the commission. will it down to set of moderators. are there any -- are there any of these you want to cross off. kind of like jury selection. they come down to these. i agree with you, let's see people who aren't on media. >> bob: we tried that. it represented my presidential campaign with mondale. the two of us sitting in the room with the commission. we had to check off people. it asked is it possible to put other people on the list? for example, academics or people who are skilled in
2:20 pm
history. they both said no. >> eric: here's why. it's still a tv show, right? it's still a tv production. you have want 67 million people tuning in. people who aren't tv savvy may not tune in. >> andrea: bob said that president obama is going to do well outside of libya. this is a debate on foreign policy. outside of libya, you have egypt run by the muslim brotherhood. you have an assad killing neem syria. middle east devolving to chaos. i'm ran, iraq, afghanistan, i don't think -- >> eric: israel. >> bob: are you suggesting that there is, that that is obama's fault for all of those things? >> dana: i hope he gets a question -- >> andrea: my comments made. it's about giving russians -- >> bob: are you suggesting the president of the united states is responsible for all
2:21 pm
of that? >> andrea: i think he took a lot of credit for the arab spring. so he will have a tough time explaining that. >> eric: we have to go. let you know i called bob schieffer today to offer friendly conservative advice. called his assistant and someone said she would give bob the message. miff phone hasn't rung all day but i'm still holding out hope. mr. schieffer, please. >> bob: even your wife hasn't called you? >> eric: she did mr. schieffer didn't call. look at this new ad. it's the frightening reality struggling in the obama economy. greg has that and celebrity fantasy ads from the obama camp. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i love logistics. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so i got to wonder if the cool celebrity ads for obama really work. they keep making them so obama must think you can boo wooed by people who make millions playing make believe. i guess they think they know better and they love telling you why. >> time to go to the local polling place, scratch your name off the list and vote. this year it's not going to be that easy. there are brand new super [bleep] laws presented as a way to prevent voter fraud but are in fact designed to make it hard for people to vote. >> what stuff is important to you in upcoming election? >> jobs. >> marriage equality. >> climate change. >> foreign policy. >> romney is for ending funding to planned parenthood. including cancer screenings.
2:27 pm
>> he said he would overturn roe v. wade. >> greg: you may be unemployed, desperate but hollywood knows what is best for you. they are the 1%. at millions for pictures they have to soothe the guilt-ridden egos. so let's contrast them with a simpler ad, one that says everything without saying anything. [ rain ] >> greg: somber but devastating. fearing what is next. i guess they could go to the movies to escape but they can't afford that.
2:28 pm
do you think eva knows why? without a strong economy there is no payoff for the self-absorbed sock puppets. the pub slick too busy to make ends meet. word to the bold and the beautiful, sooner or later our money is going to run out and the plane and obscure will no longer subsidize your lip implants. ultimately your careers will fade. all what is left of the late night infomercials to help pay for alpo to feed poodles that keep you warm at night but at least you voted for hoch and change when it was cool. >> eric: by god, i'm going to kill myself now. [ laughter ] glades is a dark ad -- >> greg: that is a dark ad. does it work? >> eric: i haven't seen it watching the family and the kids. heart wrenching. >> greg: it does better than eva longoria to get a point across. >> andrea: it does. how obama is conducting
2:29 pm
himself, going to vegas, fundraisers with jay-z and drinking expensive campaign. he attacked romney being the rich guy. he attacked him for having rich friends and he is the one who says he is out of touch. every time the campaign makes an attack against romney it backfires to them. that is a reality that all too familiar for most americans sitting around a table. >> greg: bob, you are an exnert ads. dinner table and had half a million views in nine days. >> bob: very powerful. i always thought that ads that don't talk, there are a few of them, daisy ad with lyndon johnson, city for mayor, john lindsay, there was an upset. one of the things that is happening here, every television station across the country is bought out. no more time for the political ads. people are sitting there and
2:30 pm
what has happened is they turned off. so many ads thrown at them. can you imagine being undeseeded voter now -- undecided voter? >> dana: a silent ad like that at the dinner table might work. silence makes you look up. >> bob: that is a good point. it may work. it's so different than most political ads. i'm saying that i think people are immune to ads. they had too many of them. they had 12 ads in a row before the 6:00 news. >> dana: colorado. >> greg: eva longoria poor man susan lucci. she retweeted a vulgar tweet and said i don't know why a woman would vote for romney. you have to be stupid to vote for a racist -- i won't say the next word. i'd be fired for it. >> andrea: bob said it. >> greg: then she tweets there must be a bug in the system. sorry if you were offended but it's all about dialogue.
2:31 pm
>> dana: first, blamed a retweet situation but it's not similar to something she said before rally in colorado that is for president obama where she said any woman who would vote for a republican or romney is stupid. she goes on from there. yes, sometimes when you retweet, you have to take responsibility for that. 500,000 views for the silent table ad. that is more views than were blamed for killing the four americans, how many views. >> eric: 19 days left, all right, enough of the celebrity ads, they're not working. down bison points. >> dana: but they want to help so much. they talk about the climate change and gay marriage. neither candidate is talking about. >> bob: let me tell you again, go back to this. these ads are not put out there for the general public. they're out there for a particular demographic.
2:32 pm
young, single women. they are -- >> eric: how is that wor working? >> eric: you are the ones that like the polls? >> greg: we have to go. >> bob: i can see the numbers. >> greg: not even listening to me. coming up, women voters could decide the election. which campaign is making the better sales pitch? is dana correct saying women should not be allowed to vote? her shocking and disgusting opinion next. ♪ ♪
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is president obama defending the administration response to the libya terror attack. tonight on "special report," the president goes on the jon
2:37 pm
stewart show and said this about the initial explanation after the deadly attack. every piece of information we got as we got it, we laid it out for the american people. full report. the head of the senate intelligence committee democrat dianne feinstein blames the president director of national intelligence for the confusion that the president said did not exist. president obama is again threatening to veto any bill, delaying massive end of the year tax increases called the fiscal cliff. unless congressional republicans agree to tax hike for earners. house speaker reacts. romney and the president are getting ready for the third and final debate of the season monday in florida. the latest gallup poll has the governor ahead 52-45. "special report" from washington at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: all right. know what it feels like for the obama campaign right now. >> dana: i find that hilarious. do you feel like the message for women they keep hitting themselves? >> greg: the war on women was a series of rapes. that's what it was. ive found that they were always saying it's romney who hates women and the right or sexist. the left, i don't include bob in this, the left has a sexist view of women in that they assume women are gullible to surface charisma of a light weight politician. you just have to like somebody
2:39 pm
because, he is cool. that to me is more insulting than anything you could say to a woman. they talk about romney failed women. speaking of failed women, stephanie cutter, lie detectors consider her mount everest. the woman hasn't told the truth in decades. exaggeration. i don't really know her. >> dana: which is your specialty. that is why we love you. >> greg: how dare you. >> dana: listen to something the got response the other night from the debate and get your reaction. >> why is it that there are three 3. 3.6 million in poverty today than when the president took office? the president has failed america's women. they have suffered in terms of getting jobs. suffered in terms of falling fag in to poverty. this is a helped america's women. >> dana: he said it yesterday in virginia but almost exact transcript of what he said in the debate. if you look at undecided women watching the debate they like that answer. >> andrea: and they should. the left wants to talk about equal pay. but to get equal pay you need
2:40 pm
a job. i think that mitt romney has been on the money with this. do they want this fight? president obama's campaign is now mocking mitt romney for his comment about binders, binders of women. anyone watching that debate knew what romney meant. it backfires. so to do the simpson rake in the head analogy, every attack that they seem to go after him on, for example, the women attack, i pulled up the 2011 "time" magazine article, the white house boys club, obama has a woman problem. he has been criticized for the atmosphere in the white house, for who he surrounds himself with. for the fact he pays women less. it say if this is a fight you want, bring it on. all the ads he cut with the celebrities, i disagree with you. they are for voters he already had. >> dana: that is true. on the binder thing, talk about that and get your reaction. if you're in business and you are going to expand your talent pool, how else are you supposed to look up and find possible candidates than have them in a thing, like maybe
2:41 pm
not be a binder, it could be a trapper keeper or digitized today. how do you have it? >> eric: that is exactly what it was. romney showing the businessman experience, which by the way created a ton of jobs. obama hasn't created one job yet. still waiting for that. i called up my good friend mark levin. you worked at reagan. what happened? he said exactly that. i was an associate. with reagan. you were constantly bringing binders of people who were qualified for the top level jobs. he said there are 3,000 noncareer jobs that obama had to fill. the only way to do it is by putting in qualified people in binders and giving out the man to let him decide. >> dana: give bob the last word on this. do you think that going after binder and big bird, some of the stuff, it has been a rake in the face. are they doing reassessing or do they not have time to do that? >> bob: i wouldn't spend my time doing that. keep in mind women went for
2:42 pm
obama by 13 points in the last election. split with men. mccain. so women are critically important to it. the reason he did well. democrats do well generally with women is republican party has in the minds of most women anti-women in a lot of ways. i could go on and. the list is staggeringly long. romney doesn't -- he has to inherit that. he has to inherit general view of the republican party amongst women which is negative. >> dana: actually been my experience my life that the republican party treats women like crap. >> greg: when you apply for jobs you are in a binder. >> dana: envelope. >> andrea: isn't president obama wasn't he the one man glass creeling that stopped. >> bob: explain why women vote for every presidential candidate. >> dana: i am not saying that republicans don't have a problem but single women move toward romney. married women in particular. there is a huge problem that the republican party has when
2:43 pm
it comes to women of color and latino. big challenge that has to be addressed. coming up, not next. but what we talk about next is the political lightning round. we have five fascinating stories. nobody else is talking about. you'll want to hear about. stay with us. >> neve where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: we're trying something different today. political lightning round. one hot story from each of us. bolling, go. >> eric: something that no one is talking about, only 19 days left, but the senate races will be hugely important. give you the scorecard quic quickly. sol democrats in the senate right now, 45. 43 for republicans. 12 tossups so the senate can go either way. one of them throw up on the screen quickly. it's going to be a big one. elizabeth warren and scott brown going for that seat. big ones, nelson has a seat in florida. he's challenged by congressman connie mack. also, north dakota seat, conrad is vacating democrat seat. they have a couple of people going there. arizona, connecticut, indiana, 12 tossup seats. i think the senate is in play, guys.
2:48 pm
>> bob: it is in play. you're right. dana. excuse me, greg. supposed to go to greg. >> eric: you didn't like my -- >> bob: no, no. brilliant. greg? >> greg: devastating news. i'm upset we did not lead with this at the beginning of the show. emily and jeff from "the bachelor" broke up. he kicked her out of the house because she cheated on him. we don't know the facts. look together timeline now. bill clinton had a speech today where he was discussing president obama. roll this tape. >> governor romney's argument is we're not fixed so fire him and put me in. it is true we're not fixed. when president obama looked in the eyes of that man, who said in the debate i had so much hope four years ago and i don't now, i thought he was going to cry. because he knows that it's not fixed. >> greg: that is a true
2:49 pm
friend. way to go. >> bob: all right. i guess i go next. most campaigns, presidential campaigns the two weeks out, the weekend before, you make decisions whereabout you are going to move your money, your people, advertising budgets. a lot of things happen. you vacate states you don't think you can win. watch the state over the weekend. i think in north carolina you may see obama people moving out. i think there is a possibility in new hampshire that the romney people may throw more people in there. watch iowa. they are going to be crowded with people coming in. i think iowa and colorado are the two state, the most important states this year. even as important as ohio. >> dana: bigger than virginia? >> bob: yep. >> eric: why? >> bob: well, because i think the road, if romney does not win ohio, those are the roads for him to get there. right? he needs to put together a number of states. all right. okay. told i have to go. >> eric: okay. [ laughter ] >> dana: mine, governors.
2:50 pm
right now, the republicans -- stop, greg. republicans have 29 states right now on the map of all the states. republicans, there are 11 seats that are in play. it's likely that the republicans are going to pick up maybe eight of those. can we show you in yellow. here comes the yellow there. they are. yellow ones probably going to the republican. and the white ones probably going to the democrats. >> greg: really pretty, dana. >> dana: important, governorship for all sorts of reason. follow me on twitter later and i'll tell you the reasons. >> greg: why does it matter? >> bob: governors run for president. they have a record. dumb-dumb. sorry. >> andrea: all right. so, interesting tidbit. obama campaign is pulling back on negative ads. they have been on the air, nationalizing the debate but they pulled back and they want to make it mr. sunshine, which i think is very interesting with two weeks out. really, bob, i love your thoughts on this another time.
2:51 pm
the negative advertising. how can you win with mr. sunny is my question? it's too late for that after you go from hope and change to big bird and binders. but final point, michael barrone has a column out to talk about how obama firewall, florida, ohio and virginia may be crumbling. these are electoral votes of state he is narrowly won in 2008. they have dumped a lot of money. now they have to put resources elsewhere. romney has really narrowed the gap. this pathway you talk about that could be so difficult for romney, obama might be the one that has to find the new path. >> bob: i'm a supporter of barroan but how he calls that a firewall? all the states are up for grabs from the beginning of the race. not a firewall. states that the republicans have won over and over. >> greg: i know a club downtown called firewall. amazing. >> bob: you do? is it -- one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
2:55 pm
>> andrea: all right. time for one more thing. i'll kick it off with a big win for the notorious g.o .d. how did you like that? that's god. he won today. east texas school district was been aing the cheerleaders from using banners that had scriptures or references to god on them. and, of course, atheist group,
2:56 pm
freedom of from religion foundation complained about it. wuah, wuah. judge rule nod way the cheerleaders can put scriptural references and biblical references and use god's name because it's free speech. god wins today. atheist, zero. eric? >> eric: okay. at this table, we are so pro-military we would never make this mistake. but vice president, vice president joe biden makes the mistake. watch behind him, senate majority leader harry reid raising his hand two times. watch. >> how many of you know someone who served in iraq or iran? how many of you know someone who has been injured or lost in iraq or iran? at some point you think they say joe, just stay home. >> bob: what is the big deal? >> eric: served in iran? >> bob: i must have missed that. >> andrea: how many people at this table know someone in north korea?
2:57 pm
have you been there? >> bob: i have not been there. am i next? >> andrea: yes. >> bob: okay. i want to show you a picture of a house here in california. see how you relate to it. this is the newly built house of governor mitt romney. one of his six houses that he has. or something like that. it's a mansion that is, you know, something i'm sure that the middle class can relate to. more important -- can you stop right here? see the elevator for this garage right here? most of you drive your cars in a garage. that has an elevator that comes to the street level all the way up to bring mitt's four cars up. >> andrea: looks like a rancher. >> bob: yeah, it sure does. the other thing, where is mitt romney going to vote? is it utah? >> -->> -- [ overtalk ] f jobs. he guts companies to >> dana: okay.
2:58 pm
well. i love nothing more than to be proven right. i remembered something i said in september that is about to come true in two days. take a look. headline, the caption. that is where you see the bias. plus, the reporters write the headlines now. around october 20 this is all going to change. all of a sudden it's obama is off to the races, obama will win and they will try to help them. >> dana: this weekend we have a show on sunday night. that will be, we'll find out if i was right. >> bob: we do? >> dana: yes. got to be here. >> greg: drunk. kidding. bruce springstein said he wasn't going to campaign. now he is campaigning. he penned an open letter. i'm not going to read the letter, because it's incredibly boring. but people often wonder why does bruce springstein love obama. he finally made the country as boring as his music. and depressing. >> bob: springstein is great. you think he's boring? >> greg: and horrible. >> bob: i can't believe you'd say that. >> bob: i saw him in 1980 at oakland coliseum, river tour.
2:59 pm
amazing. >> bob: i saw him in 1958. >> andrea: i don't like when he gets to politics. play the song. >> dana: he is no dierks bently. >> andrea: we have a special show coming up sunday. tune in tomorrow because that's it for us. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> neil: president obama gets defensive over confusion and misstatement over the libya terror attack. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> good evening. i'm bret baier. search for answers regarding the terror attack in libya taking twists and turns today. the president is pushing back hard on the perce


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